We do plan our first litter in Spring / Summer 2019 and did chosse Rasmi – Absolut First Rasmus Garonera (CH S ch / CH ch / HSCH / C I E) as stud dog. The puppies would have the following pdigree: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=930916.
More informations about Rasmi can be found here: http://www.absolut-first-rasmus.ch

Ayasha Rasmi
ED 0/0 ED 0/0
PRA clear PRA clear
CEA – not known CEA clear
JADD clear JADD clear
DE clear DE clear
DM – not known DM clear
Eye clearance clear Eye clearance clear
CDDY – not known CDDY – carrier
50 cm 52 cm
18 kg 25 kg