You are interested in a Toller? Congratulations! Even if many people are saying that a Toller is not appropriate for a first dog owner .. this is not the crucial point. Rather it is more important to be able to imagine the next 10-14 years (or hopefully longer) to be a reliable partner for this intelligent dog, who is eager to work . In addition to the physical excersices, they need an appropriate mental engagement which can be achieved by doing thins like dummy work, obedience, Begleithunde, tracking, hunting or rescue dog work and much more. In average it takes about 2 hours a day for your four-legged friends – every day.

Further you should also be aware of the costs of a dog. The purchase price is negligible compared to the running costs (high quality food, vaccinations, vet visits, dog school, training, etc.).
And it needs a close bond to his human and the toller is not suitable for long stay alone (maximum 4-5 h per day) or to be kept in the kennel.

In order to do improve the health of the dogs and also to our breeding goal to breed  healthy dogs we want the dogs to be x-rayed at about 18 months. This makes it possible to perform an HD / ED examination within the DRC.

We would also like to have contact to our puppy buyers and find out how the dogs are developing. We try to provide advices for a lifetime and are looking forward to see you at yearly breeding meetins or private training sessions.